"As Humans, we must trust the information Given to us, when we are faced with its reality"









 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Supposedly ?




There are so many strange Creatures that roam this planet and have been witnessed by thousands of people.


The coining of the word cryptozoology is often attributed to zoologist Bernard Heuvelmans, though Heuvelmans attributes coinage of the term to the late Scottish explorer and adventurer Ivan T. Sanderson. Heuvelmans' 1955 book On the Track of Unknown Animals traces the scholarly origins of the discipline to Anthonie Cornelis Oudemans and his 1892 study, The Great Sea Serpent. Heuvelmans argued that cryptozoology should be undertaken with scientific rigor, but with an open-minded, interdisciplinary approach. He also stressed that attention should be given to local, urban and folkloric sources regarding such creatures, arguing that while often layered in unlikely and fantastic elements, folktales can have small grains of truth and important information regarding undiscovered organisms. Phantom cats (an example of living animals supposedly found outside of their normal range) are a common subject of cryptozoological interest, largely due to the relative likelihood of existence in comparison to fantastical cryptids lacking any evidence of existence, such as Mothman.

Unknown sea creature

Dragon draconis or 'Bert'

 The washed up corpse of an unknown animal caused a fright for residents of the small port town of Viashino in Rangoon. The mosnter has been dubbed the Dragon draconis or 'Bert'. A man happened to chance upon the creature, he wishes to remain annonymous and shall be called 'Karl'. He was psyched by the beast and told reporters "its a living Dinosaur!  Towing the monster up the beach in his cherokee, "it wobbled like a jelly roll " said the cryptid catcher. This new specimen is estimated to weigh 4040kg. The remains were returned to the ocean.

"City of Gonads"

Jellyfish Discovered


The new species, C. medeopolis, keeps the family jewels on display.


Sporting a reproductive "skyline," a new species of jellyfish is like nothing else known under the sea, a new study says.

Shaped like flying saucers, both males and females of the new jellyfish have gonads on the outsides of their bodies, unlike any of the approximately 3,000 other jellyfish species known to science­.

Gonads are the reproductive glands that produce sperm in males and eggs in females.

Arranged in a "crater" at the center of the jellyfish's top side, the gonads, upon close inspection, resemble "skyscrapers in a downtown business district,"


Nuthacker Blabbler Rabidus fragor


Science Daily (April 1, 2009) — A new species of squirrel has been described from Guangxi province in south-west China close to the border with Vietnam. Named Nuthacker Blabbler Rabidus fragor, this new species is distantly related to the African Xebra Blabbler Virga cursor but is larger and has black patches over the eyes, ears, legs, and tail.


Species of orchid



Scientists from the conservation nonprofit WWF discovered at least eight new species of orchid while surveying previously unexplored forests in the Kikori region on the southern coast of New Guinea’s principal island.

Mysterious Creature Found In Panama

Terrified Panama Teens Kill Mysterious Creature

A mysterious creature, almost resembling an alien has been found in Panama. Local teens tell reporters that they were playing by a creek when they saw the strange thing lurking towards them. Frightened, the group of boys hurled stones at the creature until it died, then pushed the body in the water and fled.

Later, after building up some courage, they decided to go back and photograph the unidentified beast. Speculation on the creature spans from a jungle sloth that somehow lost its hair to publicity stunt to undiscovered species, and has been making comparisons to the Montauk Monster that washed up on a New York beach. Time will only tell if this is a hoax, deformed animal or Gollum's better looking cousin. 

Crypto Bird



Many of these birds have been sighted around the world. Commonly referred to as, 'Thunder Birds' these birds have been reported to be sizes ranging from, 5feet to 30 feet plus in diameter. What are these creatures ?

these birds have been reported to be sizes ranging from, 5feet to 30 feet plus in diameter. What are these creatures ?



Civil war soldiers spotted a strange creature flying high above and decided to inspect further. When the creature flew closer they shot it down and was astonished with what they had shot. The creature resembled a previously extinct Pterodactyl.


Possible sighting of modern day Pterodactyl



A common speculation held by cryptozoologists and believers is that rods are some kind of unknown creature. When viewing rods on camera they appear to be able to behave and move on their own. It is proposed that they have a thin membrane across their axis which is used for propulsion through the air, in a manner similar to the way a cuttlefish uses its fins. It has been suggested that Rods are possible relatives of anomalocarids which have taken to the air. Rods were the subject of season 1, episode 111 of the History Channel series Monster Quest, first aired on January 9, 2008. During this episode, rods body structure was tested by engineering students, who commented, "..Not a whole lot of lift. It would take a huge propulsion system to make it fly..."



News Reporting on Mystery RODS 

Rod caught on infrared camera.

'Home video'

 Sasquatch, Bigfoot

Bigfoot has been described as an ape-like creature, some 6-10 feet tall, weighing more than 500 pounds, and covered in dark brown or reddish hair. Witnesses give him large eyes, a heavy brow ridge and a crested head, much like a male gorilla. Footprints allegedly belonging to Bigfoot are 24 inches long. 



This is a depiction of a mythical sea creature "GIANT SQUID" once thought to be a myth, now a reality.

The Alecton attempts to capture a giant squid off Tenerife in 1861. Illustration from Harper Lee's Sea Monsters Unmasked, London, 1884. 


The Giant SQUID "kraken" 

Recently the GIANT SQUID was thought to be a mythical creature ?

This creature was once thought to be mythological, but is now recognized as one of the greatest living monsters of the sea—archetoothus—the giant squid. This animal was not filmed alive until the year 2005.

Now, today scientist have categorized this creature


The mythical GIANT OCTOPUS

could this mythical creature exist ?

Giant OCTOPUS attacks ship

Imaginary view of a gigantic Octopus seizing a ship.

Description The Legend of The Kraken
Tennyson's poem is based on the legendary sea monsters said to have been seen off the coast of Norway and Iceland. According to sailors' reports, Kraken were creatures of enormous size,who would attack a ship, wrap their arms around the hull and capsize it. The legendary Kraken is probably what we know today as the Giant squid.

According to Kraken this image was based of a creature French sailors reported attacking their ship off the coast of Angola.

Source Ellis, R. 1994. Monsters of the Sea. Robert Hale Ltd.

Date 1810


 The immense body of an octopus, washed up on the Florida shore. Is this the real Kraken?

‘WE KNOW MORE ABOUT the surface of the moon than we do about the bottom of our deepest oceans,’ so the old saying goes. It is an adage that, over time, is proving more and more relevant. What creatures actually do lurk at the bottom of the sea? 

"Deep sea creatures washed in by the Tsunami."

The tsunami unearthed some of the most strangest creatures ever laid eyes upon.


deLoys Ape

In 1920, Swiss geologist Francois deLoys had been on an expedition to the jungles on the borders of Colombia and Venezuela for almost three years. When he and his group finally emerged from the forest, they had a rather amazing story to tell -- a story that spark a debate that has, even 81 years later, not been resolved.

One day, while trekking through the wilderness, they stumbled upon a pair of apes walking through the jungle. Now, there are many types of monkey throughout South America, but there are no apes of any sort in the Western Hemisphere. Try telling that to deLoys -- and the natives of the area, who were apparently aware of the creature's existence. Apparently feeling threatened by the presence of the humans, the apes advanced in a "threatening manner." In self defense, deLoys and his group shot one of the attacking apes, but the remaining individual fled before it too could be killed. The skull of the dead ape was removed, to be taken back as proof of their encounter, but it unfortunately broke apart on the subsequent journey and the pieces were lost by the time the expedition reached civilization.

The Loch Ness Monster  (1933)

The Loch Ness Monster is a prehistoric creature thought to inhabit the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. As lake monsters go, Scotland has tales of a fair few, with Nessie gaining the most popularity of all on the back of anecdotal evidence.

Nessie hit the headlines in 1933 when a story was published in the Inverness Courier. The report quoted a Londoner who had visited a few weeks earlier as seeing: "a most extraordinary form of animal... the nearest approach to a dragon or pre-historic animal that I have ever seen in my life."


The Loch Ness Monster

Sonar image 1975


The Loch Ness Monster

Sonar image (1975)





Unexplained sightings of "something" in Loch Ness date back to the 6th Century.


The Loch Ness Monster





In August 1968, a team from the Department of Electronic Engineering of Birmingham University mounted a sonar system on one of the piers on the loch. The scan was directed at the southeast corner and, the cathode display was photographed every 10 seconds by a movie camera but for some days, nothing of interest was seen. Then, at 4:30 on the afternoon of August 28th, there occurred a remarkable 13-minute sequence. 'A large object rose rapidly from the floor of the loch at a range of 0.8 kilometer, its speed of ascent being about 100 feet a minute, it was rising obliquely away from the sonar source at a velocity of about 6.5 knots, and was soon 1 kilometer away. Its upward movement had now slowed to about 60 feet a minute. This object then changed direction to move toward the pier at about 9 knots, keeping constant depth. Finally, it plunged to the bottom at about 100 feet a minute before rising again at 0.6 kilometer range, when it apparently moved out of the sonar beam and was lost to record. Meanwhile, a second large object had been detected at 0.5 kilometer from the pier which finally dived at the astonishing velocity of 450 feet a minute. Both objects remained many feet below the surface.'


The Ningen Sea creature


Over the past few years, rumors have circulated in Japan about the existence of gigantic humanoid life-forms inhabiting the icy waters of the Antarctic.



Antarctic ningen humanoid --

Reportedly observed on multiple occasions by crew members of government-operated “whale research” ships, these so-called “Ningen” (lit. “humans”) are said to be completely white in color with an estimated length of 20 to 30 meters. Eyewitnesses describe them as having a human-like shape, often with legs, arms, and even five-fingered hands. Sometimes they are described as having fins or a large mermaid-like tail instead of legs. The only visible facial features are the eyes and mouth.

Antarctic ningen humanoid --
Artist’s rendition of a Ningen standing upright

According to one account, crew members on deck observed what they initially thought was a foreign submarine in the distance. When they approached, however, it became clear from the irregular shape of the thing that it was not man-made — it was alive. The creature quickly disappeared under water.

Antarctic ningen humanoid --

For the most part, the existence of the Ningen is considered an urban legend. Much of the information about this rumored creature can be traced back to a series of posts on the 2channel forums, written by a person describing the experience of a friend employed on a government “whale research” vessel.


The Montauk Monster



The "creature" has been dubbed the Montauk Monster.  But what is it?  Some think it could be an unidentified species, while others claim it must be an escaped animal experiment from Plum Island, which isn’t too far from where the "creature" was supposedly found.





Even though today there are numerous photo's and vid's of lake and sea monsters are showing up, People still refuse to believe what is in front of them, sure they could be fake or something entirely else, but why not the possibility that "THEY MIGHT BE REAL"

Like the mythical creature the GIANT SQUID, these creatures may only be a "yet to be classified species Unknown to science."

Our Planet is inhabited with a vast amount of lifeforms.

So why does it seem to People that there might not be life on any other Planet but our own ?





THE SUMERIANS were one the first civilizations to understand that the sun is the center of the universe, this was over 5000 years ago, they also claim that they were created by beings that came from a planet called NIBIRU




NASA's SOHO image

They also refer to the planet as the "WINGED PLANET"




Notice in the below image how it resembles a winged creature

THE IMAGE Shows two anomalies. One is an orb with a horizontal line, which I've seen many like images of before is noticed to the right, just below center.

The other, also just below center, but not as far right, looks like an orb with wings,
similar to Sumerian and other images and artist renderings of the winged planet Nibiru.


Are crop circles trying to show and warn us of events yet to happen ?

This image is interesting and I find the similarity of the one anomaly strikingly similar to renderings and ancient images of the planet.


All the planets line up for that date except Pluto which is moved off it's orbit... possibly due to an impact event or other planetary body







The Planet Nibiru (Planet X) as depicted by Mayan artists 2500 years ago.  The image is of a 'Winged' Planet.


Here is a crop circle and the ancient mayan painting (side by side) depicting the winged planet NIBIRU





Planet X, Seen today.


These photos are clearly taken only minutes apart, but the object has moved a large distance in that time. Not what you'd expect from an object hundreds of millions of miles away.



THIS STONE DEPICTS THE "WINGED SUN" AS THEY CALL IT, Same depiction of the NASA soho image in recent times.




A crop circle depicting the lunar orbit with the winged Planet.








Sumerian is the first language for which we have written evidence and its literature the earliest known. The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL), a project of the University of Oxford, comprises a selection of nearly 400 literary compositions recorded on sources which come from ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and date to the late third and early second millennia BCE.

The corpus contains Sumerian texts in transliteration, English prose translations and bibliographical information for each composition.




Planet X, Nibiru 


Planet X Nibiru, if really exists and approaching, can be a big threat to the earth and its people. Michel de Nostredam predicted some kind of huge space collision that will occur around year 2000. Will the comet or asteroid really fall in the Aegean sea (Greece) and huge tsunami will hit the mount Olympus (2917 meters high). If he is right and Mayans as well, it looks like the end of the world is really close.




The Planet of the Creators


Planet X is a planet that the ancient Sumerians referred to as "Nibiru." This ancient Sumerian word literally means "Planet Of The Crossing." The Sumerians gave it this name because every 3,630 years Planet X crosses Earth's orbit. The Sumerians counted it as the twelth planet in our solar system because they regarded both the Sun and Moon as planets. (Photo of Sumerian tablet, dated 4,500 B.C., shows 11 planets orbiting the sun. One represents Earth's moon. The 10th is Planet X.)


However, modern astronomers have dubbed it as Planet X, meaning that it is the tenth planet in our solar system, the "X" standing for "ten." Planet X has a highly elliptical orbit, rather than the usual circular orbit, more resembling the orbit of a comet than of a planet. It's orbit carries it far out into space, far beyond our known solar system, but then every 3,630 years it returns to the inner solar system and crosses the orbit of Earth.

Planet X is a humongous, giant planet over five times larger than Earth, and having over 100 times the mass of Earth.

Would a large Planet inhabit large creatures ?


Pharaoh Akhnaten (ca 1351-1334 BC) was one of the High Priests of Amen, and he was Merovingian and an Anunnaki hybrid (more about them in Chapter X). He was the one who re-introduced monotheism and had people believe in Adonai instead of YHWH, who was regarded as the “evil god”, equivalent to the Biblical Satan. After Akhnaten died, however, people went back to polytheism (believing in more than one god). Already during Akhnaten’s reign, there were forces within the Priesthood and their power structure that would rather see polytheism being the religion for the people rather than believing we all are ONE, which in my opinion is the truth. If we really look into Akhnaten’s and his wife Nefertiti’s beliefs, we see they were teaching the Law of One, with ONE God and us  just being separate parts of that ONE Supreme Being. I will refer to the Law of One repeatedly in this book.

Akhnaten and Nefertiti - Anunnaki hybrids?

Akhnaten and Nefertiti - Anunnaki hybrids?

Then, further down the line, Charles Martel (Merovingian), came into the picture. Martel betrayed the Brotherhood and started working with the 13 bloodlines, and they have infiltrated the Priesthood ever since. Now, Supriem, a reincarnation of Marduk Ra of the Merovinginans, is putting himself back as a High Priest of the Order. The last Merovingians of purest descendants, still present here on Earth today, are the Habsburgs, and Dominic von Habsburg is the last in line. But there are still people with Merovingian/Frankish blood, and the ones of those with the purest blood are chosen by Supriem for his Inner Circle, although their blood are quite mixed by now.

Nefertiti with her characteristic extended Anunnaki skull

Nefertiti with her characteristic extended Anunnaki skull

Akhnaten and Nefertiti were Merovingians/Anunnaki in the second or third line, hence the characteristic Anunnaki extended skulls, while Charles Martel and later Merovingians have become “humanized” over the millennia and have lost much of the Anunnaki features per the laws of inheritance. The Habsburgs are the purest Merovingian/Anunnaki “humans” on the planet today.

The Egyptians used the symbol of the all seeing eye in there Egyptian culture. 

God Ra,
performing secret ritual.

We know the Ancients used this symbol. But why is it on the American Dollar bill ?






The Piercing Eye of The Revelation


The US Dollar Bill contains mysterious symbols.  For as long as the dollar has been printed, people have speculated about the meaning of the pyramid with its unexplained eye.

On the left-hand side of the reverse of the Dollar Bill is an eye in a triangle in a clouded sky.  The government will tell you it is the "All Seeing Eye" and nothing more.  Others have speculated that it is the eye of the Egyptian god Horus.  There are theories that relate the eye to the influence of the Masons and the mysterious Illuminati who are said to be an inner circle group of Masons.  In fact, the eye may actually be the Piercing Eye of The Revelation.


"Its not hard to look around and find the eye Symbol in your day day life.

It is used everywhere, from the news and media, to our everyday businesses.

Look and you shall find"


The eye symbol and its meaning has been used all over the world from Egypt to our modern time. what is its true significance ?

More Deception using the eye in everyday life










The eye depicted on the American dollar bill. The eye symbol has been used since the beginning of time.





Egyptians used this symbol throughout the ages

Symbols have been used for all time,



Don't walk sign.









The famous Mc donald's sign.


"We use them in our daily life's and they mostly go Unrecognized"

But what if some of them have a hidden meaning ?


Would you know ?

"Examples of hidden Meaning and Deception"


The words  (ANNUIT COEPTIS) on the American dollar are supposed to be a quote from Vergil.  Considering that P.E.D. was into letter-substitution cryptography it is possible that the letters are intended to be a cryptogram!






"Why the Pyramids Symbol is used so Extensively and its Significance"



MDCCLXXVI is 1776 in Roman Numerals
The Babelonian numbering system is base 60
Mystery Babylon is the Biblical name for the Devil
The triangle is the mathematical representation of Diabalon
By applying the Delta to MDCCLXXVI gives us the numerical arrangement of 666  


Why the Pyramids Symbol is used so extensively and its significance


"There have been Photos released by NASA showing structure like Pyramids and the infamous face on Mars"

"Yet People still debate that Fact"


The Cydonia region on Mars

The Viking Satellite


The Viking satellite was launched to to answer the
hundreds of thousands of images streamed back to earth.


One of the greatest Questions asked about Mars



This report is about older liquid water evidence sourced from 25-year old Viking satellite imaging science data and considered the first discovery of liquid surface water of any kind on Mars. This cause has been taken up before by others, most notably scientists in the group known as the Society For Planetary SETI Research (SPSR) and more specifically Drs. Stanley McDaniel and Vince Dipietro in that group. However, their online treatment on this has been rather brief with limited imaging and, since this is such a very important matter, it will receive additional more in depth treatment here from me. Hopefully this will add some useful information to the issue of surface water discovery firsts on Mars as well as help ensure that credit for this significant discovery is not ignored and goes to the right place.

In August, 1978 the Viking Orbiter 1 satellite camera system took two consecutive images of the Solas Planum region on Mars. The first was Image ID #775A10 from camera "B" taken at 12:27Z and the second was Image ID #775A11 from camera "A" taken a few seconds later at 12:32Z according to official Viking statistical data. Among others pouring over the received Viking Orbiter data back then was Dr. Leonard J. Martin of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, a well respected and reputable mainstream planetary scientist. The December, 1980 official newsletter "NASA Activities" (Vol. 11, No. 12) indicates that Dr. Martin reported discovering a small cloud at terrain level casting a shadow on the ground in the two images.

Cydonia City on Mars

The Monuments of the Cydonia region of Mars are perhaps the most
fascinating ruins ever yet discovered by man - on any planet.
On the shores of an ancient Martian ocean, now completely dry,
Man's first probes to our nearest planetary neighbor
have detected a group of mounds, surrounding the Face, that even
at first glance appear unnatural and complex in design.
Further investigation of the mounds shows that they were in fact
arranged in a definite complex geometric pattern
- one that could not possibly have occurred naturally, and
apparently required much thought and labor to create,
by architects who knew more about mathematics than we have the
even optimistic ability to half way decode today.
Predominant throughout the area, the angles implied by
arrangement of structures within the City
are of a relation to each other which suggests alignment to
astronomical phenomena within this solar system - and beyond.

The significance of the geometry found here, and therefore artificiality of Cydonia, cannot be understated - and should not be underestimated. It seems to call to us, using the universal language of mathematics, in simultaneously beautiful and complex patterns: "we were here." Whether this was the site's intended purpose, or just the way that the ancient architects designed this awesome site for their own purposes; there are seemingly countless angles here, that through thorough invsetigation cast out any hastened notions of natural erosion or random occurance.


Cydonia Avebury Overlay Cydonia Avebury 

A map of Silbury Hill is overlayed and matches Perfectly with Cydonia Region on Mars

Overlay - When Silbury Hill is aligned perfectly with The Tholus or Spiral Mound on Mars
(both are logarithmic spirals), and the large crater is superimposed over The Outer Circle of Avebury,
Earth lines of longitude run through not only Silbury Hill (and The Tholus on Mars), but also The Face;
and a road (which predates the area's known history) corresponds perfectly to "the wall" part of The 10;
and just to the southwest, the peak of the five-sided DM Pyramid corresponds to the The Stele. 

Coincidence ?

"What can be said is, there are structures on mars, and the builders Originate from Somewhere either earth or elsewhere in the Universe"  

Are we to believe slaves also built the pyramids on Mars ?

How many major pyramids are located at Giza in Egypt

Giza pyramid complex map 



Now this is an Aerial view of the Pyramids in Egypt 

Here is a Pyramid in Egypt that was built by the ancient Egyptian.


"And what does the Pyramid in Egypt look like again"

"Notice the smaller Pyramids in the shadows of the Giants."






shadows do not create shadows

"Unmistakable intelligence on Mars"



Other anomalies Found on Mars

One Noticeable fact is apparent ? Mars scientist are not sure if the skies should be shown as red or orange or blue...


Mars, the RED skies seen here released by NASA


Mars rover can clearly be seen here with the mars blue sky colour in the Background.


This is another NASA released image of Mars, Notice the American flag is not RED WHITE and BLUE ? More of a Dark Brown, instead of RED, Proving that, there has been image Tampering...


On the Left is the True image Colour of MARS        
And the Right is the public released RED PLANET


Mars, the not SO Red Planet

Investigation shows that there are several indications that the NASA is tampering with the colors, and changes them from an Earth-like environment into a red inhospitable environment.

At the press conference, the JPL-scientists showed the latest picture of the Martian landscape. It showed a salmon-coloured desert with a blue sky. It seems that they did it on purpose, since previous pictures were all extremely red. Below the pictures of the conference are shown:



The people of the NASA have altered the Colours into this


It shows the same picture with the same hill on the upper-right, slightly zoomed-out. The administration of the NASA seems to have tampered with the picture.

But there's more...

"This image mosaic taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's panoramic camera shows the hills southeast of Spirit's landing site. Like a smoggy day in Los Angeles, dusty martian skies limit how much detail can be seen"

A graphic expert, Keith Laney, used the raw RGB (red, green, blue) data provided by JPL to create the same picture.  It shows very much detail, and there seems to be no dust at all!


Now compare this with the NASA-version below. 


These are extremely different.

If the colours were changed by "scientific point of view", they changed a sharp, contrast rich photo into a blurry, contrast poor picture. They seem to have dilebarately altered the colours to make Mars look inhospitable and dusty. The real version by Laney is so detailed, that you can see a fantastic pile of rocks.

This is a true colour calibration of Mars surface. Confirmed by scientists of Ames Research Center.

They created a 3D-model

Colour corrected image from Mars Rover Opportunity showing the true, blue color of Mars' sky. Colour correction by Keith Laney.

Why is the NASA doing this? There might be several reasons. Maybe this anomaly on Mars has something to do with it


This structure is found on Mars. It resembles Old Stone structures found here on earth.

Trees on Mars.



Trees on Mars. More images from Mars showing unusual structures.

Aliens Built the Pyramids

Perhaps one of the most obvious evidence that aliens thrived here on earth are the great pyramids of Egypt, anybody who believes that they were built by the ancient Egyptians must be out of their minds. Here are the facts, read on and convince yourself that the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids

  • It is so perfect that we wouldn’t be able to duplicate it even with the technology that we have now.
  • It is made of stones where each stone weighs from 1 - 20 tons.
  • The great pyramid consists of 100,000 stones.
  • It is 481 feet tall
  • The base of the pyramid forms a nearly perfect square (maybe about 2 centimeters off)
  • It took 10,000 people per month to build the pyramid in a span of 20 years.

Given those facts about the pyramid, can anybody honestly say that the ancient Egyptians are capable of building the pyramid?

With the looks of it, somebody who is mathematically genius or at least knows how to calculate spearheaded the construction of the pyramids. Plus, without any tools, how did they carry 20 ton stones and lift it 400 feet up?

Khafre's Pyramid with the Sphinx in front.
Tourist at Khafre's Pyramid at Giza.
Khafre's Pyramid.
Dr. Horace Crater's Diagram of alignments
within The City showing mounds arranged
in equilateral and right triangles on a grid
with the ratio of one to the square root of two.
 Dr. Crater's diagram of alignments within The City
 The DM Pyramid, the Face and 19.5°


Humans Attempt at copying the Pyramids

Ariel view of the Bent Pyramid.
The Bent Pyramid has the most remaining outer casing stones left out of all the pyramids.
Snefru's Bent Pyramid.
Bent Pyramid of Snefru.

So as you can see, there are many diferences between the giza Pyramid and the surrounding copies made by the early Egyptions.




Egyptians Queen Nefertiti

Notice how she has a head dress on 


Nefertiti is perhaps best remembered for the painted limestone bust depicting her. Many consider it one of the greatest works of art of the pre-modern world.

She is always depicted with a large head,

So are many of the higher ranking Egyptians

The famous Berlin Statue of Nefertiti


Tomb of Seti I at Thebes, from Niccolo Rosellini's Monuments of Egypt and Nubia

Tomb of Seti I at Thebes from Niccolo Rosellini's Monuments of Egypt and Nubia





"Its almost as if they really do have  Larger Heads then Humans in the drawings by the Egyptians"

Are these "alien" skulls?

If we were to place an image of a normal, "deformed" skull on top of this specimen, I think we would find that there is no comparison in terms of cranial capacity. Again, we might think that something other than "head binding" is in operation here.

Here's a side by side comparison with the skull image rotated.

user posted image user posted image user posted image

Compare the size and shape to that of a normal skull.
Some claim it's merely a result of head binding which was also practiced by the Paiute Native American Indians and by some African tribes.
I believe they were trying to emulate their half human "Gods" which had much larger skulls than a normal person.

user posted image

The Two daughters of Nefertiti

Notice how the children are depicted with large heads, surely this isn't a depiction of there head dress.

Two daughters of Akhenaten, Nofernoferuaton and Nofernoferure, c. 1375-1358 B.C

Two daughters of Akhenaten, Nofernoferuaton and Nofernoferure, c. 1375-1358 B.C

"These are the True Builders of the Pyramids"



Freemasons have been around for a very long time.

They are considered as being a Secret Society that initiates fellow Masons from all walks of life.



Freemasons to host masonic inaugural ball

January 14, 2009





Although many have heard of the 'secret society' The Freemasons and Masonry, not many know anything about it, neither do they know how widespread this secret society is, nor the number of high ranking government officials and world leaders who are members.

The Freemasons have a pyramid structure of levels of advancement, called degrees. The highest of these being the 33rd degree known as 'illuminised masonry'.

As a mason advances through the degrees more secrets and promises are given, and a ritual is performed when reaching each degree, these rituals get more and more bizarre as one goes up the degrees. 

 The structure of Freemasonry 

"Notice the Pyramid and the Eye Symbol"

The highest levels of Freemasonry, including and especially, the Knights of Malta and the Royal Orders of Chivalry are guided by the Vatican, the hub of both religious and temporal power on planet Earth.



Pope Benedict with SMOM Grandmaster Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie


 The Structure of Freemasonry

 American Freemasonry remembles two sets of stairs that begin and end together, as this chart of Masonic structure shows. A Mason's first step is to become an Entered Apprentice. He climbs to the third step where most Masons stay. If he wants to go in the Masonic hierarchy, he enters either the Scottish or York rites. Many authorities say the Scottish Rite was begun by Scots emigre's in France; the York Rite is named after York, England where, by legend, the first Masonic body was organized.

In the Scottish Rite a Mason climbs 30 steps, or degrees. The name he takes on at each degree is written on each step in the chart. Where there are two names the top is used by northern Masons, the italicized one by southern Masons. Some figures a Mason meets in Rite ceremonies stand on the steps (from bottom): King Solomon, King Cyrus, acolyte, George Washington, Sultan. Each degree teaches a moral. To earn a degree candidate learns the moral and participates in ceremony dramatizing it. A 32 degree is the

     highest degree a Mason can earn. The 33 degree is awarded by the Supreme Council, ruling body of the Rite.
    A Mason in York Rite advances 10 degrees, known by name and not by degree number. On the chart arc figures he meets at each degree or the degree symbol. Figures are temple workman, Past Master (Virtual), Israel tribesman, High Priest of Jews, King Hiram of Tyre, Knight of Malta, Knight of Templar, equal in prestige to 33 degree in Scottish Rite.
    Under the arch are organizations allied to Freemasonry. Master Mason are eligible for Grotto and Tall Cedars of Lebanon. Girls with a Mason in the family can join Job's Daughters or Rainbow Girls; women, the Eastern Star; boys, DeMolay. Only 32 degree Masons or Knights Templar can join the Shrine. Shriner's wife can be a Daughter of the Nile.
    Most important of many Masonic symbols are the open Bible with square and compass on it (left); Solomon's temple (below Bible); and G with the all-seeing eye inside (upper right). In the U.S. the G stands for God.

Top:  33 degree Sovereign Grand Inspector General - Order of the Knights of Templar
 32 Master of Royal Secret
31 Commander Inspector Inquisitor
30 Knight Kadosh
29 Scottish Knight of St. Andrews
28 Knight of the Sun
27 Commander of the Temple
26 Prince of Mercy
25 Knight of Brazen Serpent
24 Prince of Tabernacle
23 Chief of Tabernacle
22 Knight of the Royals
21 Preussen Knight
20 Master of Symbolic Lodge
19 Grand Pontiff
18 Knight of Rose Cruix
17 Knight of East and West
16 Prince of Jerusalem
15 Knight of the East
14 Grand Elect Mason
13 Royal Arch of Solomon
12 Grand Master Architect
11 Sublime Master Elected
10 Elect of Fifteen
9 Master Elect of Nine
8 Intendant of the Building
7 Provost and Judge
6 Intimate Secretary
5 Perfect Master
4 Secret Master
Daughters of the Nile
Cedars of Lebanon
Order of the Eastern Star
Job's Daughters
Rainbow Girls
Order of DeMolay
3 degree Master Mason
2 degree Fellowcraft
1 degree Entered Apprentice

Order of the Knights of Malta

Order of the Red Cross.

.Royal Arch Mason


Most Excellent Master

Past Master

Mark Master


Freemasonry, Secrets of a Secret Society

Freemasonry, is a secret society that in England and Wales alone has more than 700,000 initiates, a further 100,000 in Scotland and between 50,000 and 70,000 in Ireland. The membership in the USA is even higher.

All the members of this Brotherhood are male, and all except those who are second, third, or fourth, generation Freemasons, who may join at eighteen, are over the age of twenty one.

Freemasonry's critics have described it as a business cult, a satanic religion, and a political conspiracy.

Defenders of Freemasonry tell us it is nothing more than a benevolent and charitable fraternal brotherhood.


The headquarters of the Brotherhood in England and Wales is in London, at the corner of Great Queen Street and Wild Street. This is the seat of the `United Grand Lodge of England', the governing body of the 8,000 plus Lodges in England and Wales.

These Lodges, of which there are another 1,200 odd under the jurisdiction of the `Grand Lodge of Scotland' and about 750 under the `Grand Lodge of Ireland', carry out their secret business and ritual in Masonic Temples.

Temples might be purpose built, or might be rooms in hotels or private buildings temporarily converted for Masonic use.

Many town halls up and down the country, for example, have a masonic hall or private function rooms used for Masonic rituals, as does New Scotland Yard, headquarters of the Metropolitan Police and home to the "Animal Rights National Index" (ARNI) and Special Branch.



Initiation into the various secret societies, the Freemasons being one of, is relatively easy these days compared to older times.

Potential initiates are hand picked and invited to join based on their status or wealth, tempted with the promise that, once accepted into the organization, many personal advantages would be on offer: improved career prospects with promotion easier to achieve, more prosperous lifestyles, and obstacles to success would be made to disappear. In other words this mutually beneficial "old boy network" would take care of its own.

The vast majority of members are on the first three rungs of the 33 level hierarchy and have no idea of the hidden agenda. Once initiated into the lowest level, the first of the 33 degrees, vows are taken to pledge allegiance to the society above all else. Most initiates are willing to do this as the temptation of power, wealth, and knowledge is hard to refuse. It is hinted that there are penalties to pay for betraying their society and revealing its secrets, but at this level the organisation is viewed by its members as little more than a secretive social club with a morality based on chivalry.

What appear to be certain esoteric secrets, are revealed to them upon initiation as a `taster' of what is to come as long as they remain faithful. Money is then paid by the initiate in order to progress to the second degree through a ceremony involving the revelation of yet further secret knowledge with the promise of more to come at each stage.

Initiation into higher degrees requires increasingly larger sums of money and still the clues keep coming. Promises of wonderful arcane knowledge are continual yet the actual knowledge revealed remains encoded and only serves to whet the appetite. No one is ever given the full scenario, only pieces of what appears to be a picture of the most awesome significance.
As more and more is revealed and the higher up the ladder the initiate is allowed, the greater are the perks provided and doorways opened in terms of career and social status. Moreover, the warnings against transgression of the secret society's rules become blatant and more sinister at each step.

It is impossible to achieve high levels of initiation within Freemasonry unless one is hand picked by those of the higher degrees. In order to qualify, one must meet their criteria of wealth, status, social class, and character type. By the time the twentieth degree is reached a minimum of professional level income is required to fund progression through the system. The result of this financially dependent progression is that the top level members of the Brotherhood elite are among the richest, and most powerfully influential in the world. They are also responsible, directly and indirectly, for most of the money/power based crime such as the illegal drugs industry, political assassinations, Satanism, and mind control, which goes on every day all around the world.




Freemasonry in General

What is at the core of Freemasonry?  Beyond the answer of it being a Fraternity of men who meet together monthly, Freemasonry is a system of allegory and symbol arranged in peculiar fashion to convey a unique message.  Some condemn Freemasonry by saying is a religion, when it does act to bring a tradition forward like a religion, but in fact practices no particular faith. The uniting idea is a faith in the divine founded in the certitude in something greater than the self.  This section delves into these aspects of the fraternity and more as it explores the symbols, tools, organization, and ideas of the Ancient Fraternity of Freemasonry.

freemasonry1 Degree Tracing Board
The work above is a modern representation of the first degree tracing boards of old. It is filled with metaphor and symbolism, fluent to all master masons.

freemasonry22nd degree tracing board
The work above is a modern representation of the second degree tracing boards of old. It is filled with metaphor and symbolism, fluent to all Fellowcraft Masons.

freemasonry_third_degree_tracingboard3rd degree tracing board
The work above is a modern representation of the third degree tracing boards of old. It is filled with metaphor and symbolism, fluent to all master masons.

Laudible pursuit
by The Knights of the North
Written as a response to the Masonic corpus of the 21st Century, the body of wisdom and message conveyed is relevant and important to every Freemason today. Read with an eye towards the future, the text will speak volumes to the younger members, and should ring a clarion call to all of the membership.

Curious masonic words
Freemasonry has many curiosities, and indeed, many mysteries as yet unsolved. Among the former are several often-misunderstood words with odd or involved meanings…

Buffalo soldiers
Prince Hall Freemasonry from its inception has played a major role is sustaining Black America. Nowhere is this more evident than in the wars fought by Blacks for America……the Black soldier brought with him not only his religion and his desire for true freedom, but his Masonry as well.”

Memento mori
Every life, beginning with every birth, is a death foretold. Forgive me for talking about such a morbid subject; death is hardly a topic to be brought up in polite company.

What does freemasonry offer to the world
While Freemasonry in its present form has existed less than 300 years, there have always been associations resembling this great Fraternity. Such groups were formed at various times and in many places because man is fundamentally a social creature; he has an inherent need for friendship, love, and association with others.

Ritual differences
An experience in Freemasonry usually upsetting to the newly-Raised brother is his first visit to a Lodge in another Jurisdiction than his own. Having carefully been taught a certain ritual, in all probability with positive emphasis upon the necessity of being “letter perfect”, he learns with a distinct shock that the ritual in other States differs from his own, and that these differ each from the other.

What is freemasonry ?
A Freemason is a man who, in searching for life’s ineffable questions, finds his way into the company of fellow seekers. Comprised of men from every nation, races, social and economic level, all hold similar ideals and beliefs. The uniting idea is a faith in the divine founded in the certitude in an afterlife. This “belief” is grounded by certain landmark tenants and virtues which ultimately lead in exploration of those invisible questions, leading ultimately to the betterment of all mankind.

Oath or obligation
Few words are more wrongly used, at least in Masonic circles, than oath.

Masonic manners
Much conduct in lodge is governed by tradition, Custom, and usage, with no force of law to enforce or penalty for infringement. Masonic manners, like those of civilized society, are rooted in the dictum that conduct which makes for the comfort and pleasure of others is good.


During initiation rituals of many Satanically inspired religious ceremonies, a common theme crops up in which the initiate (traditionally a male) is made to accept a noose being placed around their neck.

In doing so, the initiate is actively gesturing that they surrender their life and faith to the 'Brotherhood' and that they will gladly 'hang themself' for the higher purpose, or those further up in the Brotherhood hierarchy.  In many cases - Satan himself.

You will find many cults, crafts and religions which engage in this practice.  Often it is carried out with various other rites such as wearing a blindfold or hood over the head - again this symbolises a surrender of faith and self-preservation for the sake of the brotherhood.

Traditionally this is commonly recognised as a 'Freemasonic' ritual, however we find that this goes back pre-masonry, as far back as the ancient world.

It's meaning primarily locks into the Illuminati's esoteric obsession with 'Death' and we also see religions and cults such as the Druid's and the Ku Klux Klan following this tradition.

Here (left) we see a photograph of a Freemason - with other occult trappings - wearing a Cable-Tow in the traditional manner.

As a Freemason, this comparably low level initiate has symbolically surrendered his own life to the Brotherhood.

In more recent times the nose around the neck has been replaced by a gun to the head.  This article outlines one such occasion when things went a little too far during a Freemasonic initiation ritual - .

Page 21 of Texe Marrs' recently published Codex Magica also mentions the purpose of the Cable Tow within Freemasonry and its relation to the 'Hoodwink' - from which we derive the commonly used phrase, which means to deceive or keep someone from seeing the truth.  


Square and Compass, Goat, Freemasons, Freemasonry

Grand Lodge of England Coat of Arms

The United Grand Lodge of England Official Coat of Arms
The 'Mother' Grand Lodge of World Freemasonry
Hooved Angels?


Taught to be cautious

'A Unique Form of Morality, Veiled in Allegory, and Illustrated by Symbols...'

Toronto Masonic Temple

'The Upper Room...'
"...to lull Christians into acceptance of Freemasonry's religious allusions as legitimate. They are not legitimate references, but deceptive pretenses designed to seduce the naive.

The latent meaning is that the order is the secret church of Jesus Christ. This is a lie, but the naive are allowed to conclude this if they so wish..."

The Lamb of God

Agnes Dei
Worshipped, Sanctified, Sacred
'The Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sins of the World'

The Masonic Lambskin Apron

Masonic Lambskin Apron
Mocked, Blasphemed, Satanic
'Slaughtered, Skinned, and Crafted into a Covering for the Male Genitalia'

Two Sided Masonic Apron

'The Two Sides of Masonry...'
"...That very eye appears on our American dollar as a part of the Great Seal. The Great Seal was included on the one-dollar note in 1935 on suggestion of Vice President Henry A. Wallace. Both Wallace and President Roosevelt were Free Masons. Later, Wallace remembered,
Roosevelt, as he looked at the colored reproduction of the Seal, was first struck with the representation of the all-seeing eye—a Masonic representation of the Great Architect of the Universe. Next, he was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the new order of the ages had been laid in 1776 but that it would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect. Roosevelt, like myself, was a 32nd Degree Mason. He suggested that the Seal be put on the dollar bill.
Wallace was not only a Mason, but also particularly interested in Eastern Religions, and he regularly consulted an Indian Guru. His connections with the Russian-Indian artist and yogi Nicholas Roerich even threatened the presidential campaign in 1940..."

Horus, Masonic Lodge Room

"...Freemasonic Initiation is deceptive and is especially and specifically intended to be Anti Christian.

What is meant by this?

It will be shown beyond reasonable doubt that the initiations have been deliberately constructed to include direct and subtle references to the devil. Not one or two coincidental overlaps but so many obvious similarities, according to biblical text, that when viewed or presented together the notion of random coincidence does not apply.

Why? What purpose would such a deceptive system of initiation serve?

Why not? The reasons for the construction of such a system of initiation are also biblical. It is simply wicked, to lay snares for innocents without cause..."

Freemasonry Twin Pillars, Masonic Temple Singapore

lodge Interior

Worshipful Masters Chair

'Worshipful Master'

'Jubela, Jubelo, Jubelum'

Entered Apprentice Due Guard and Penal Sign First, Jubela O that my throat had been cut across, my tongue torn out, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea, at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, ere I had been accessory to the death of so good a man as our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff!"

Fellow Craft Due Guard Fellow Craft Penal Sign
The second, Jubelo O that my left breast had been torn open and my heart and vitals taken from thence and thrown over my left shoulder, carried into the valley of Jehosaphat, and there to become a prey to the wild beasts of the field and vultures of the air, ere I had conspired the death of so good a man as our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff!"

Master Mason Due Guard and Penal Sign
The third, Jubelum O that my body had been severed in two in the midst, and divided to the north and south, my bowels burnt to ashes in the center, and the ashes scattered by the four winds of heaven, that there might not the least track or remembrance remain among men, or Masons, of so vile and perjured a wretch as I am; ah, Jubela and Jubelo, it was I that struck him harder than you both. It was I that gave him the fatal blow; it was I that killed him outright;"

'The Legend of the Three Ruffians'

The 'Blood Oaths' for the 1st 2nd and 3rd Degrees..

Freemason Sign

You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations.

Handbook of Masonry, page 183

secret rings

European Lodge

Master Mason prepared for initiation Worshipful Master: * * *. (Strikes his gavel three times.)

WM: Brother ______, if you are still willing to take the Obligation, say "I", repeat your name in full, and repeat after me.

Candidate: I, _____ ______, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God and this Worshipful Lodge of Master Masons, erected to Him and dedicated to the memory of the Holy Saints John, do hereby and hereon solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will keep and conceal and never reveal any of the secrets belonging to the Degree of Master Mason, which I have received, am about to receive, or may be hereafter instructed in, to any person unless it shall be to a worthy Brother Master Mason, or within the body of a just and duly constituted Lodge of such, and not unto him or them until by due trial, strict examination, or lawful Masonic information, I shall have found him or them justly entitled to receive the same.

Question: Why does Freemasonry dedicate itself to John the Baptist and John the Evangelist but not have any mention of Jesus Christ in its 'charges' or rituals?

Answer: As an organization comprised of a plurality of religious faiths, it is not to be expected that any one religion should be represented except to deceive the naive and ignorant. The John's are allusions or references to alternative forms of "Christianity" in which Jesus Christ is man only, not God-man, begotten not made from God. These alternatives are called "gnostic", heretical syncretistic sects that mix Hellenistic pagan religions with Neo-Platonism.

Question: Why does Freemasonry forbid the use of Jesus Christ in place of the 'Great Architect of the Universe' in open lodge but contradistinctly emphasise the 'Holy Saints John'?

Answer: See response supra.

Question: Does Freemasonry have any relation to the heretical Johannite Sects of the Mid East known as the 'St. John Christians' who revere John the Baptist but despise Jesus Christ who they term the 'Vomiter of Lies'?

Answer: Yes. The Johannite link is an allusion to a secret church of St John, i.e. a gnostic sect of Nestorian/Gnostic Christians who deny the Divinity of Jesus Christ. The use of the Johns is to lull Christians into acceptance of Freemasonry's religious allusions as legitimate. They are not legitimate references, but deceptive pretences designed to seduce the naive. The latent meaning is that the order is the secret church of Jesus Christ. This is a lie, but the naive are allowed to conclude this if they so wish. Masons actually who seek light/understanding are lead into the darkness of moral corruption and ego defence mechanisms. They are allowed to believe and speak nonsense under the auspices of the order by men, their dominant masters who know better but must conceal the Truth from their submissives.

Question: Was not the Knights templar  accused of ascribing to the same Johannite heresy, and does not Freemasonry promote itself in secret as being the direct descendants of the Knights Templar?

Masonic Ritual Footwork Their Jesus is not the Christ but a man only. It is an organization of blasphemy to normative Christians which stands in agreement with the abuse of the Christian Bible and St. John and denial of Jesus Christ as true God and true man. It is a fraud designed to deceive the public and masons into thinking that they can be masons and Christians too. That is not possible, save as a Christian heretic or apostate which denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. Note well that St. John omits the institution of the Holy Eucharist during the seder meal on Holy thursday, according to the Scriptural narrative. The other, Synoptic Gospels' authors declare the divinity of Jesus Christ and that the sacraments through His church are instituted by Him for the salvation of all believers. Freemasonry is a counterfeit salvation into self-absorption and delusion that seduces seekers from their faith, so they use as a pretence and facade, the most gnostic of the Evangelists to hide the order's animus to the claims of religion, any religion. The mason is gradually seduced away from normative morality into a new age world of false morality in which the member withdraws from his former life's attachments and substitutes them with Freemasonry's false promises. the member becomes thusly increasingly dependent upon the order as a parental surrogate and authority figure until the member is so completely dependent upon the order that he will lie or commit criminal acts on its behalf, for he has nothing else in this world or the next to sustain him and dare not oppose the peer pressure of his fellow masons' retaliation.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will support the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of the State of Nevada, also all the laws, rules, and edicts of the same, or of any other Grand Lodge from whose jurisdiction I may hereafter hail; together with the by-laws, rules, and regulations of this or any other Lodge of which I may become a member, so far as the same shall come to my knowledge.

Question: What about the laws of the STATE of Nevada?

Civil laws pursuant to the obligation may be circumvented at will. A noticeable omission that subordinates obedience to civil laws at best and subverts them at worst, by alienating the allegiance of the member from the family and state and religion to the Order who becomes the members family and authority.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will answer and obey all due signs and regular summons sent me from the body of a just and duly constituted Lodge of Master Masons, or handed me by a worthy Brother of this degree, if within the length of my cable-tow.

Question: But isn't Masonry Free?

Real Grip of a Master Mason Answer: There are initiation fees and annual dues to be paid. The true cost is the de-individuation of one's personality by submission to the mob mind of the masonic cult. Instead of knowledge and liberty, the mason grows ignorant and bondaged within a guilded cage of degrees designed to dazzle the neurotic mind from realizing the process of debasement into which it has willing succumbed.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will help, aid, and assist all poor and distressed Master Masons, their widows and orphans, they applying to me as such, I finding them worthy, and can do so without material to myself or family.

Question: What about all poor and distressed NON Masons, their widows, and orphans?

Answer: Masonry is a cult based upon mediocrity and mendacity. It is elitist, racist and misogynist. Masons come firstly. The notion of masons advocating democratic freedoms and rights is pure nonsense. It is a deceptive lie. Their practical volume of the sacred law is the book for tyrants by Machiavelli called The Prince, or the egotistic selfishness of the philosopher Ayn Rand (a woman!), who advocated a might is right, laissez-faire capitalism with no regard for social welfare for the disadvantaged.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will keep the secrets of a worthy Brother Master Mason, when communicated to me as such, as secure and inviolate in my breast as they were in his before communication.

Question: Then why does Masonry claim it is only the "Means of Recognition" that are kept secret?

Answer: Masonic propaganda through the internet is a deliberate means of deception, by evasion, deception and denial of the Truth. There is much that they need to keep secret, and much fraud that they need to perpetrate to lure in new members. It is not what they say, it what they conceal that the public needs to know.

The High Sign Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not give the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress of a Master Mason, except for the benefit of the Craft while at work or for the instruction of a Brother, unless I am in real distress; and should I see the sign given, or hear the word spoken, I will hasten to the relief of the person so giving it.

Question: What about when a NON Mason gives a sign of distress?

Answer: No obligation required. Typical of an elitist and anti-social cult.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not give the substitute for the Master’s Word in any other way or manner than that in which I receive it, which will be on the Five points of Fellowship, and at low breath.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not wrong, cheat, nor defraud a Master Masons Lodge, or a worthy Brother of this degree to the value of anything, knowingly, nor suffer it to be done by another, if in my power to prevent.

Question: What about wronging, cheating, or defrauding a NON Mason?

Answer: See previous response, supra.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not knowingly strike a Brother Master Mason, nor otherwise do him personal violence in anger, except in the necessary of myself, family or property.

Question: What about striking or doing personal violence in anger to a NON Mason?

Answer: See previous response, supra.

Master Mason Obligation Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not have illicit carnal intercourse with a Master Mason’s wife, widow, mother, sister or daughter, nor suffer it to be done by another if in my power to prevent.

Question: What about not having illicit carnal intercourse with a NON Mason's wife, widow, mother, sister, or daughter?

Answer: See previous response, supra.

Question: What about not having illicit carnal intercourse with a Master Masons SON?

Answer: See previous response, supra.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not be present at the initiating, passing, or raising of an old man in dotage, a young man under age, an irreligious libertine, an atheist, a person of unsound mind, or a woman, knowing them to be such.

Question: But doesn't Freemasonry claim to be responsible for the concepts of Freedom of Conscience, Equality, Liberty, and Justice?

Answer: Any claim to liberty and justice made by the Craft are lies designed to dupe the ignorant. It is an elitist cult infested with dominants who lure and seduce morally weak individuals into dependence upon them as submissive masons.

Comment: Another Masonism it seems. Up is down and down is up.

Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not be present at the initiating, passing, or raising of a candidate clandestinely, nor hold Masonic intercourse with a clandestine Mason, or with one who has been suspended or expelled, knowing him to be such, until duly restored.

Question: You mean like how the Fascist P2 Lodge of Italy, Argentina, Chile, Greece, France, Switzerland, Britain, and the U.S. was counted as 'regular' by you because it was a 'regular' and 'duely constituted' lodge of the Grand Orient of Italy who you had granted 'regular recognition' to, but how you consider African-American Prince Hall Masonry 'irregular' and 'clandestine' because they are not 'men free born and well recommended'?

Answer: Neurotic masons need to blind themselves to the facts of criminal activities of masons to preserve their dependence upon the masters of the order unperturbed by Truth. Denial and disavowal is their mantra.

Master Mason Mauled To all of which I do solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, without any hesitation, mental reservation, or secret evasion of mind in me whatsoever; binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my body severed in twain, my bowels taken thence, and with my body burned to ashes, and the ashes thereof scattered to the four winds of Heaven, that there might remain neither track, trace nor remembrance among man or Masons of so vile and perjured a wretch as I should be, should I ever knowingly or willfully violate this, my solemn Obligation of a Master Mason. So help me God and make me steadfast to keep and perform the same.

Question: But Freemasonry isn't a cult right?

Answer: It is assuredly a behavioural programming cult comprised of dominants and submissive in a symbiotic relationship of mutual exploitation.

WM: In token of your sincerity, kiss the Holy Bible on which your hands rest.

Comment: But remember Brother the oaths you took were only to other FreeMasons...

Masonic Lions Paw WM: Senior Deacon, remove the cable-tow; we now hold this Brother by a stronger tie.

WM: Brother ______, in your present situation, what do you most desire?

Candidate: Further Light in Masonry (prompted).

Worshipful Master: Let the Brother be brought to Light.

Comment: The Light of Lucifer...





Royal Arch degree is the 13th.

The Royal Arch Degrees, is where the candidate suffers a severe shock, for the candidate must swear to the following:

The candidate must swear to keep the secrets of a fellow Mason, murder and treason not exempted." With his hand on the Bible, the candidate for the

Royal Arch Degrees must swear the following:

"I will aid and assist a companion Royal Arch Mason when engaged in any difficulty, and espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, if within my power, whether he be right or wrong."

He then goes on and swears:
"To keep in my heart all the secrets that shall be revealed to me. And in my failure if this my oath, I consent to have my body opened perpendicularly, and to be exposed for eight hours in the open air that the venomous flies may eat out my intestines...and I will always be ready to inflict the same punishment on those who shall disclose this degree or break this oath. So may God help and maintain me. Amen."







Lucifer in Roman astronomy was the name given to the “morning star”, the star we know by the other Roman name, Venus. The morning star appears in the heavens just before dawn, heralding the rising sun. The name derives from the Latin term lucem ferre, “bringer, or bearer, of light.” So to make my point clear the “star” of the False Messiah (Anti-Christ) is Venus.

 first President of the United States, who was a Mason, in the same posture as Baphomet, the god of Masons.







Statue Of George Washington

Note the Freemasonic apron and also the arm positioning


Baphomet, also known as Anu,-Lucifer, Set, BAAL, Jahbulon, Loki, Satan


Baphomet and the Worship of him in a Masonic Temple
during the George Washington Era (Washington was himself a Freemason). Note the Knights Templar
cross on the robes.

Albert Pike issued this statement on July 14, 1889 to the 23 Supreme Councils of the World:

“That which we must say to the crowd is: We worship a God, but it is the God one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees: The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.” -Albert Pike


“The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry. The whole body of the Royal and Sacerdotal Art was hidden so carefully, centuries since, in the High Degrees, as that it is even yet impossible to solve many of the enigmas which they contain. It is well enough for the mass of those called Masons, to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whoso attempts to undeceive them will labor in vain, and without any true reward violate his obligations as an Adept. Masonry is the veritable Sphinx, buried to the head in the sands heaped round it by the ages. “ 





In its oldest form the handshake signified the handing of power from a god to an early ruler. This is reflected in the Egyptian verb 'to give', the hieroglyph for which is an extended hand. One of the most peaceful and trustworthy gestures we have today is the firm clasp of hands between two people. It acknowledges friendships new and old, and confirms business agreements between people of honourable intent. Once upon a time, before we became so enmeshed in our webs of legal red tape, no written contract could bind a man more firmly to his commitment than giving his own hand on it, and family and heirs would honour that 'gentlemen's agreement' long after he had passed away.
When two strangers offer their hands towards one another it is the yielding to peace and an agreement to communicate. Having a grasp on one another's palms renders them non-combative and is thus a surrendering to co-operation. The greeting of the European settlers and the North American Indians consisted of the flat palm raised with fingers pointed to the sky, showing the absence of concealed weapons, followed by a clasping of the hands. Today, the handshake has become so universally a sign of mutual respect, that it is considered a personal insult to refuse an extended hand when greeted or introduced. It is also considered a sign of ignorance if the handshake is not given with firmness, warmth, smile, and most important, with eye contact and never with a limp hand. It is common knowledge that there is many secret handshakes amongst the Freemasons indicating a 'secret liaisons' amongst their companionship as 'Friends of God' expressed as Divine Unity.



Rapper Jay Z doing the freemason hand shake


From throwing up the diamond signs, “symbolizing” pyramids to secret handshakes between himself and Nas to rumors of him being a Freemason, the rapper has been the poster child to what some would perceive as being a hidden evil consuming the Hip Hop world.

People feeling that he has the ability to fire Charlamagne Tha God and keep Chris Brown from performing are all indications of the fact that some look at Hov as having the power to have complete control over what goes on in music.
Jay-Z doesn’t stand alone as being under fire of devil worship as rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs and DMX have allegedly negotiated with the force of darkness in order to make it in the music world.

THE All-Seeing-Eye


Rapper Jay Z throwing up his famous sign

Note the the all seeing eye depicted



Obama Mason Handshake

Obama Mason Handshake

Jay Z and Nas Handshake

Jay Z and Kanye west Handshake




Freemason handshake: Ron Paul on Bill Mauer Show Pictures, Images and Photos




george bush china leader freemason handshake



U.S. President Barack Obama greets his Venezuela counterpart Hugo Chavez with a brotherly handshake before the opening ceremony of the 5th Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain April 17, 2009


This picture is from a June 2008 edition of Newsweek magazine. It appears to be Obama reaching for the "Presidential Seal". Please take a close look at the ring on Obama's right hand.

Obama is wearing a masonic ring. The square and the compass are clearly visable.

The important thing to remember is that these pictures are carefully staged. I'm sure they (Newsweek photographers) take several pictures. The ones they publish are obviously the ones they want you to see. This was either done for your benefit, the general public, or for the benefit of other freemasons, probably both. Either way the message is clear. Obama is a freemason and another freemason is going to be President of the United States.



Obama using the masonry hand signal

Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto :
This gesture is the satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups. 




Obama is abusing the ancient sign of faith. A sign that archeologists are very much aware of because it appears over and over again depicted in artifact from various civilizations. This and other signs have then been transmitted from generations to the next by the initiates of secrets societies right up to the present

These ancient signs are the secret signs of the freemasons TODAY.






What does Mason realy stand for ?

Spelled out in Sequence,

"secloru-M- A-nnuit coepti-S O-rdo N-ovus"

 Forms the Masonic and Satanic Star.



"And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast..." — Revelation 13:4


Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto :
This gesture is the satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups. 




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